10 ideal jobs to combine with studies

As we recently told you in another article on our blog , and unlike the so-called “ni-nis” (young people who neither study nor work), there are also people who belong to the “yes-yes” generation . That is, they study and work at the same time.

It is not easy to reconcile studies with workand we are not saying this only because of the physical and mental effort involved, but also because of the difficulty of finding job offersthat allow you to do both.

To combine work with studies, it is important that the job be part-time or that it involves working on weekends to be able to go to class and study during the week. Therefore, among the ideal jobs to combine with studies are the following:

1. Shop assistant

A good option to reconcile work with studies may be to work as a clerk in a small business or in a clothing store part-time.

2. Large surfaces

It is also common to find young people who work in large sports equipment stores such as Décimas  or the sale of technology-related products while they continue with their studies.

3. Customer service

Answering the clients of a service by telephone can be a good complement to your studies (or vice versa).

4. Receptionist

If you can balance the two activities, working as a receptionist in a hotel or in an office is a good way to expand your resume while improving your training.

5. Private teacher

Giving private language classes or any other subject that you master is another way of earning an income while you continue with your training.

6. Waiter

Another common alternative for those who want to combine studies with work is to study from Monday to Friday and work in the hotel business on weekends as a waiter in a bar or restaurant. At etopjobs we are preparing hundreds of vacancies to work as a waiter in Barcelona and more cities.

7. Kangaroo

Working taking care of children allows you to earn money that can come in very handy to pay for your studies, save or spend it the way you want.

8. Caring for the elderly

The reward of work in social action , that is, for caring for older people in need, goes beyond economics and will make you feel more useful and better with yourself and with others.

9. Work in a supermarket

In a supermarket you can work as a stocker or as a part-time cashier or cashier and take time for studies.

10. Community manager

If you are interested in communication and online marketing, you can dedicate a few hours each day to taking care of and improving the presence of a brand on social networks working as a community manager without having to neglect your studies.

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