10 tips from coaches to stay motivated during your retraining!

10 tips from coaches to stay motivated during your retraining!

Doing a professional retraining is a great project to find yourself in your professional life and congratulations to all those who have started! However, the path can be long and sometimes strewn with pitfalls, so is there a magic recipe for staying motivated throughout your retraining? 

Here are 10 tips to keep your motivation during your retraining!

Our Motivation  

Our motivation allows us to achieve our goals! It may be difficult to find for certain actions, but when it comes to your future professional life or your real dream that you want to achieve, motivation is easier to find!

Nevertheless, doing a retraining can be scary, you can come up against difficulties as in any other type of situation. So wiping out failures, backing down, becoming demotivated can happen and that’s normal! 

But to avoid wasting too much time finding your motivation if one fine day she decides to run away, we asked professional coaches to share their secrets with us! To help you achieve your goal, 

Words from coaches 

“  The question that annoys but seems essential to me in such an approach: what is the worst thing that can happen to you if you go to the end of your project? If that sounds less bad than staying where you are… you have your answer! »

>> Elisabete Vidal,  Professional Development Coach

“  Learn to celebrate all the progress, like small victories necessary on the way. Each small step is one more step towards achieving your dream. Also accept the discomfort that this can cause, become aware of it without feeling guilty. It’s part of the process. And in case of less well, reconnect to the sense: “for what? “. What was the spark, the source of this desire for change? And finally avoid the “it is necessary that…” and rather say to yourself “I choose to…”. A shift in his mindset that puts envy back in his heart. »

>> Amélie Villet,  Professional Coach Certified Coach & Team

” Take it step by step, listen to your body and its impulses of the heart (not just your mind), celebrate small and big advances, surround yourself well and/or be accompanied, allow yourself breaks, Cultivate your mindset, keep in mind that “fear dissolves in action” and “when you fail, you grow”! »

>> Lucie Guéguen, Coach –  Individuals, Companies and International Organizations

“ A dream written with a date becomes a goal, a goal broken down into several steps becomes a Plan. A Plan supported by actions becomes REALITY (from unknown source inspiring). So dare your dreams, use the SMART method you have everything in you to succeed »

>> Véronique Rivera, Coach and Recruitment Consultant

“  I want to say: Start from who am I? What is important to me? What does my little voice tell me? Once you are aligned with all of this the excitement is stronger than the fear. »

>> Charlotte Desrosiers Natral,  Speaker, Founder and Author at Pourquoi pas moi 

“  Adopting the technique of small steps while keeping the focus on the retraining objective is the first safeguard that allows you to maintain motivation.
– Take pleasure in every action. Connect to the gratitude of what is and not of what we would like to achieve. Enjoy the path!
– Surround yourself with inspiring people and don’t hesitate to ask for help.
– To accept the moments less and to remember why we decided to change
– To practice a daily routine that allows you to maintain high energy (align heart / body / mind)  »

>> Sophie Arnoux,  Professional Coach and Communication and Leadership Trainer

”  To stay motivated, prepare well for your retraining, take notes, do an ikigai if necessary, find people who have been there with whom they have little to talk about, have a good supportive entourage, get rid of guilt for not going fast because it takes time ! A conversion was scary so we act, one step after another.  And of course we get coached when we feel overwhelmed.

>> Marie-Bénédicte Guiraud, Professional Coach, Personal Development

“  Every day I’m authentic and I try to be the best version of myself. »

>> Chantal Lantier, Founder of Frog Develop

“  Stay the course! A reconversion project is a fabulous journey! Admittedly, there are bends, slightly steep hills, hollows, dry breakdowns, but what an adventure. Designing a future that looks like us is well worth some aches  ”

>> Valérie Peltier, Coach, Consultant and Entrepreneur 

“  Defining your goals, vision, values ​​and working on yourself. Finding meaning in what you do, your big Why. Use the small steps method to move forward. Do not stay alone, surround yourself and be accompanied for this change. Believe in your dreams, believe in yourself!  »

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