3 examples for the perfect resume to find a job according to your level of experience

There is no magic formula to emerge victorious from a
selection process , from a specific interview, nor are there infallible tricks to find the perfect job. However, there are some techniques that maximize the opportunities of attracting the attention of recruiters, as well as to convince them that you are the right person for the position you are trying to fill.

An example of this is the advice that the expert in Human Resources management and CEO of Korn Ferry, Gary Burnison, has given to CNBCand that we have collected from El Confidencial, on how in his opinion ( backed by 20 years of experience leading carry out personnel selection processes), it must be a resume to be selected from among the dozens or hundreds that are sometimes considered.

Burnison warns that depending on the professional experience that one has, this document should be focused on one aspect or another, since the qualities that someone fresh out of university should display are not the same as what they should bring to the table. a person who has been working in the same sector for 10 years. Here is an example of what you should include and highlight in this document if they have not entered the labor market yet, if you are a ‘junior’ level professional or if you are already a ‘senior’ employee.

1. The resume of recent graduates

  • Highlight your educational level: So far your education is your strong point, so you must include it first to make it stand out. The name of the university or center where you have studied should be included, as well as if you have received any academic honors.
  • Do not go overboard with the details about the practices carried out: At this point it is important to be honest. It sounds strange to anyone that a trainee has had as many responsibilities or more than a professional who has been in the sector for 10 years during an internship… Just be honest and focus on the tasks that are important to your profile.
  • Use extracurricular activities to tell a story: All extracurricular activities are important only if they can contribute something that says how we are and what we like to spend time on, so paying attention to this section is vitally important, because surely not you want to give the wrong image about what you represent.
  • Don’t go over a page: HR managers don’t expect you to have a ton of experience, so going over a page of information could cause you to lose credibility. In addition, it must have a clean and clear design.
place holderRecent graduates should highlight their ability to work as a team. (Unsplash)
Recent graduates should highlight their ability to work as a team.

2. The curriculum of a ‘junior’ (< 2 years)

  • Emphasize your teamwork skills: What is looked for in a ‘junior’ is generally good teamwork skills, so presenting yourself as a person capable of achieving success with a group is essential.
  • Include only relevant jobs and internships:Including all the internships that have been done, according to the expert, only weakens the resume. It is better to focus on what is crucial.
  • Do not include a professional summary or objectives: The ‘juniors’ usually do not have enough relevant jobs to make a professional summary worth doing, so it is best to avoid it. In return, it includes key achievements, education, and extracurricular activities.

3. The resume of a ‘senior’

  • Add a summary at the beginning: For a professional with between seven and fifteen years of experience, it is advisable to add a small professional summary at the top of the CV that makes it clear, at a glance, what the candidate’s main skills are.
  • Highlight your main skills: Highlight the keywords and adapt them to what is sought for the specific position.
  • In your current position, go into details:Details about the position you currently have, or the last one you have had, should be the center of the section on professional experience, occupying up to 75% of the space dedicated to it. If you’re working at a little-known company, go into detail so the HR manager is clear about what you’re talking about.
  • Add numbers and emphasize achievements: If you have a remarkable achievement to back up with numbers, add it. Example: Sales increase of 40%, or profit increase of 20%.

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