5 tricks to increase your productivity at work

When trying to increase your productivity at work you must consider your daily routine and your time. In the busy routine that many live, one ends up taking on many functions, which generates a feeling of obligation to be a multi-tasker — people who develop several tasks at the same time.

This movement of wanting to embrace the world can disrupt your life in many ways. Especially at work: wanting to do everything at the same time hinders your productivity. Often those who embrace the world, end up doing nothing.

How, then, to increase productivity at work?
Definitely the worst enemy of your effectiveness at work is anxiety and lack of balance. With that in mind, in this article we are going to cover some methods that, when employed, will help you increase your productivity at work.

1 – Organize your work better and manage your time
You know what I said just above, about wanting to do a thousand things at once? This is a bad habit for your productivity. Multitasking doesn’t mean being efficient, or doing quality work. It’s quite the opposite.

Start by listing all the activities in your routine. Once that’s done, organize them by priority and delivery date. Once you know exactly what needs to be done and the priority of each item, now is the time to manage your time spent on each activity.

If you start to notice that a certain action is holding you back, switch to another one and then come back to it. That way you avoid getting stuck, wasting time and breaking another situation of less importance, but that at some point would have to be resolved.

2 – Take short breaks to relax
Taking that famous coffee break is a great way to increase productivity at work. This is a way to relax and take the focus off work tasks.

Every time you feel a blockage or a great tiredness, stop, get up, stretch and breathe. When you reach that state of exhaustion, you won’t be able to produce anything, and hammering it in your head will only hurt productivity even more.

So, this time will be very good for you to relax and organize again so that ideas flow again more easily.

3 – Control distractions
Looking at your cell phone every time it vibrates, entering social media and other distractions, hinder your performance — and A LOT.

To increase productivity at work, learn to disconnect from distractions. Of course, you don’t have to get caught up in the routine during the 8 hours of work, and we’re not saying that it’s forbidden to get distracted.

Use the previous tip in your favor in this case: police yourself to access your cell phone, in the right moments to relax and escape the pressure. But always with defined rules.

4 – Allow yourself to change habits
If you notice that a certain process is not working the way it is being executed, change it. Reinvent yourself, be creative, deal with your frustrations and difficulties. Think of new ways to innovate your own work.

This can be a great ally in your quest to increase productivity at work. After all, this way you can reframe your work, transforming it into something positive, bringing a new and positive value.

5 – Make your work environment more welcoming
Science has already confirmed: the work environment is one of the main factors that affect work productivity. So, you can leave your space with your own way, bringing objects that bring you good energies and refer to positive feelings.

Photos of your family, your pet, a plant. Choose what makes you feel as comfortable as possible, regardless of the location.

A bonus tip: disconnect from your work in your spare time
Don’t take your work to your time of rest. It affects your quality of life, it can make you stressed and since everything is a cycle, it can affect your performance at work.

To increase productivity at work, in your spare time, take the opportunity to relax, enjoy your time, do activities that you enjoy and that are good for you. Maintaining balance is essential for mental health and maintaining a good quality of life.

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