87% of French people could change jobs

87% of French people could change jobs

87% of French people could change jobs by this year or the following years. The reasons ? Do a less stressful job in good conditions and find a balance between professional and personal life.

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3 reasons to change jobs in the next few years

8 out of 10 French people could change jobs. But for what reasons? The survey reveals three main ones:

  1. achieve a better professional/personal life balance ;
  2. work in less difficult conditions ;
  3. have a less stressful job .

Salary is also a reason to change jobs for 29% of French respondents. Remuneration is all the more important for 35-49 year olds or when the employee is a parent.

Added to these reasons are the appreciation and the quest for meaning . Doing a job that counts and has value in their eyes seems more and more important for French workers.

Women, in particular, are more affected by this desire for a career change to practice a profession that is closer to their values.

Raising the salary would be a solution for not changing jobs

85% of French people are able to cite at least one reason for not leaving their job.

For 45% of them, the salary increase would be a good reason not to resign.

Recognition and the possibility of training to improve skills are two other reasons that would encourage them to stay in their current company.

Wanting to quit your job: reasons that vary by age

Depending on the age of the employee, the reasons for wanting to change jobs vary.

Young people aged 18-34 are looking for a better working atmosphere .

Those over 35 would like greater recognition of their activity.

Changing careers through professional retraining


of French people have never undertaken professional retraining.

If 87% of French people want to change jobs, they are as much to ask themselves the question of retraining.

7 French people out of 10 are ready to ask for help to undertake their professional reorientation project.

Carrying out a skills assessment or consulting a professional development advisor is one of the solutions for retraining.

Some obstacles slow down the desire for retraining, including:

  • fear of losing pay;
  • the fear of losing one’s job and not finding one;
  • the amount of charges to be paid.

These brakes are even greater among young workers.

What will the professional world of tomorrow look like?

What are the professional projects of the French in 2022-2023?

More than half of working people do not think they will change jobs in the next few years: they will stay in the same job (50%) or do the same job, but will change employers (11%).

Most French people want to change profession and only 6% would like to start their business in the next few months.

The world of work is being reshaped according to the wishes of employees. They want more freedom, more meaning in their job and a better salary.

Business creation and entrepreneurship do not frighten them, but raise some obstacles such as fear of the complexity of administrative procedures or uncertainty about the economic situation.

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