Best Countries to Work as a Civil Engineer

It is no wonder that there is a growing number of civil engineers looking to move abroad to find better job opportunities.

With a continuing demand for talent in certain industries and shortfalls in some workforces, the benefits of working in certain countries as a civil engineer are becoming more attractive. 

Now more than ever, a civil engineer can find a wide range of exciting opportunities waiting for them abroad.

So exactly what are the best countries to work as a civil engineer?  Read on to discover the countries with the highest demand for Civil Engineers and which is the ideal destination for you.

These are the most common Jobs in Europe

Switzerland: The country with the best salary for civil engineers

Switzerland is one of the best countries in the world, and often tops the list of the best countries to work for.  It not only has a stable economy, but also has the most picturesque landscapes in the world.

The country’s skyline is in a state of constant change, making it the perfect destination for civil engineers.

Switzerland is constantly reinventing itself and there is a demand for civil engineers to help design and realize new developments in this sprawling metropolis.

A civil engineer in Switzerland starts at a salary of approximately $100,000 per year and this increases to $144,000 per year as the engineer gains more experience.

Australia: Best Territory to Practice Civil Engineering

It has always been one of the most chosen places for immigration, and qualified foreigners, including civil engineers, have always preferred to move to Australia and become residents there.

In fact, Australia has always been regarded as a major workplace for civil engineers , and the scope of civil engineers in Australia has always been high.

A recent graduate earns about $70,156 a year and those with a Master of Science in Engineering can expect to earn $97,506 a year.

For any newly qualified or work-experienced civil engineer, there are sure to be plenty of employment opportunities.

Although to work in this qualified profession you need a good command of English, that is not a problem because you can study English in Australia and thus be able to work in this country of opportunities.

New Zealand: Numerous jobs for a foreign civil engineer

Due to its strong economy and wide variety of in-demand engineering roles, New Zealand is a good choice for engineers looking to relocate abroad. 

New Zealand faces an engineering deficit in its workforce, which means jobs for engineers in New Zealand are many and varied.

In particular, there are a wide variety of jobs for civil engineers , for those looking to help build a safe sound structural environment for citizens. 

In New Zealand a civil engineer has an average salary of $6,913 per month , which should translate to $82,956 per year.

There is currently a huge shortage of civil engineers in Canada, so you should consider moving to Canada if you are looking for job opportunities in that area of ​​engineering.

Canada is a very popular country among immigrants due to its solid economy, the high quality of life that the country offers its population and the warmth in the treatment of the inhabitants towards foreigners.

The highest paying cities for civil engineers are Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Edmonton, and Calgary. Starting salaries are around $47,262 per year and can go as high as $84,590 per year.

India: Best Emerging Country to Work as a Foreign Engineer

India is one of the fastest emerging countries in the world, which means that there is a high demand for civil engineering talent to further transform the country.

Civil engineers of all backgrounds and skills are valued in India to help bring this potential economic powerhouse into the arena of global competitiveness. 

If you are looking for a job as a civil engineer abroad, you could move to India to help build and develop new infrastructure that can benefit the population.

The salary of a civil engineer is approximately $60,000 a year, but if you are a seasoned professional you could go home with about $70,000 a year.

China: Innovative Nation for Civil Engineering

China is a country that is constantly evolving and has become one of the largest economies in the world.

Currently, they have plans to renovate and devise infrastructures with surprising advances. From the creation of artificial islands to support bridges to the creation of the railway and road initiative.

There are many exciting civil engineering projects across multiple sectors and disciplines, if you are looking to get involved in one of the best and brightest countries in the world, China is a top contender.

An experienced civil engineer working in China earns an average of $65,257 per year.

United States: Second country with the highest salary for engineers

The United States requires civil engineers to manage new projects that will be carried out in the very near future.

They are currently planning to create a high-speed rail connection between North Texas and Houston, if approved it will create thousands of jobs for civil engineers.

The average salary for a civil engineer working in infrastructure for society is $100,000 a year, while those working in the oil and gas sector earn $120,000 a year.

UK: Engineering Job Opportunities

Civil engineering is one of the most important and necessary skills in the UK. The demand for these professionals is growing rapidly.

The pace of technological change in the UK allows civil engineers to revolutionize construction methods , improve sustainability and attempt bigger and more ambitious projects than ever before.

The UK government has decided to invest a large sum of money for future infrastructure projects, this can lead to a large number of job opportunities for civil engineers.

The salary of a fresh graduate civil engineer is $28,029 per year, while a senior civil engineer with many years of experience earns around $61,898 per year.

Ireland: More Jobs Than Qualified Personnel

Ireland is a country that even in 2020 continued to grow, a robust economy and a fully developing infrastructure system; however, that technological boom that Dublin has today has not allowed it to develop at the right speed.

In Ireland there are more job offers than infrastructure for new residents attracted by the multinationals that operate there.

This has developed an avalanche of projects in the construction sector for which they currently do not have the internal capacity to meet that demand, which is why they have had to hire people even outside the European Union.

Brazil and India are the ones that lead the jobs in Roads, Urban Areas, Commercial and others, since very few take advantage of the experience of working in English in a country of the European Union in full growth.

However, more and more people are interested in knowing how to work in Ireland due to multiple reasons, including the great economic benefits that this results in.

Advantages and disadvantages of working civil engineering abroad


  • Gain new skills and experiences.
  • Higher salaries.
  • Higher percentage of getting a job.
  • Discover new destinations and cultures.
  • Meet new people.


  • Language problems.
  • Outside work is usually stronger.

Where to find jobs as a civil engineer

Social networks are essential when looking for work, because it is possible to find a job through it. Below is an example of the LinkedIn social network, where there are many job offers:

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In which country earn the most civil engineer?

Switzerland is positioned as the country that pays the best civil engineers, the salary of a civil engineer in Switzerland ranges between 100,000 dollars and 144,000 dollars per year.

 What are the best countries to work as a Civil Engineer?

Switzerland is positioned as the country that pays the best civil engineers, the salary of a civil engineer in Switzerland ranges between 100,000 dollars and 144,000 dollars per year.

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