Finding a job on LinkedIn: Etopjops tips to the steps

Finding a job on LinkedIn is not an impossible task. etopjobs invites you to discover today how to highlight your profile on this professional social network , in order to find a job.

As we often repeat in our articles, recruiters are increasingly looking for new ways to recruit new candidates. Indeed, the digital age now makes it possible to increase new recruitment methods . Now, recruiters are turning to 2.0 methods to find new recruits .

The days of paper resumes are over! Recruiters now want to turn to online methods to facilitate and speed up the recruitment process. This is where the LinkedIn platform comes in , because it brings together nearly 90% of recruiters. Indeed, the majority of them browse this professional social network in search of potential candidates. This is why today, if you want to find a job on LinkedIn , it is important for you to highlight your profile.

etopjobs offers you to discover what are the steps to find a job on LinkedIn as well as the methods of highlighting your profile, to catch the eye of recruiters.

Highlight your “soft skills” on LinkedIn

If you want to find a job on LinkedIn , it is important to highlight what are called “ soft skills ”. Soft skills simply designate relational intelligence, know-how . These are skills highly sought after by recruiters.

In other words, it is highly recommended to highlight these different strengths of your personality on your professional profile. By doing so, you will have a good chance of finding a job on LinkedIn .

So remember to be active on the professional platform. Highlight the different soft skills most sought after by employers. In this way, you will catch the eye of any recruiter.

What are the techniques for finding a job on LinkedIn?

Find a job with LinkedIn: make your profile attractive

If you want to find a job on LinkedIn , it’s important to start by promoting your profile. In fact, there are several ways to do it.

Start by adding a professional photo to display on your profile. Remember to smile, without overdoing it. You have to stay sober and professional. This photo will surely be the first image a recruiter will have of you. In other words, it must be catchy and engaging.

Give your profile a title. Like a CV, your LinkedIn profile must have a title. Remember that at first glance, the recruiter must know exactly what your field of professional activity is. This will save him from having to look for information and eventually understand that you are not the candidate for him.

Highlight your professional experiences as well. Recruiters need to be able to quickly understand what your background has been and where you are now. All these techniques will allow you to clearly and precisely display your intentions as well as your professional ambitions.

Highlight your professional skills on your LinkedIn profile

The key to highlighting your profile and finding a job on LinkedIn is to highlight your professional skills. Indeed, these will allow you to stand out from other candidates located in the same professional field as you.

Remember to highlight all your professional skills relating to the position you are looking for. It is not enough to highlight your soft skills . Here, it is also a question of highlighting your “ hard skills ”. The latter designate the technical skills related to a specific position.

Find a way to show them off. Try to illustrate them through your different professional experiences. This will allow the recruiter to form an opinion on your profile in a matter of seconds.

Find a job with LinkedIn: Be active on LinkedIn

In order to catch the eye of recruiters, it is important to always keep your profile active. Know that there is nothing worse for recruiters to see a candidate’s inactive profile. It simply demonstrates a passive character on your part.

So always make sure to stay active in order to find a job on LinkedIn . Show the recruiter that you are involved in your job search.

Show recruiters that you regularly update your profile. This includes joining groups, sharing articles, and many more. Be influential in your field!

By doing so, there is little chance that you will go unnoticed by recruiters. However, be careful what you share. In particular, avoid displaying your very clear-cut opinions on certain issues. Keep this information to yourself.

Get recommendations for finding a job on LinkedIn

One of the advantages when looking for a job on LinkedIn is the recommendations. Indeed, it is very important to always have very good recommendations in your professional field. This will attest to the quality of your profile.

Know that any recruiter will be more likely to contact a candidate with recommendations than the other way around. Remember to ask your former employers for letters of recommendation. Then try highlighting them on your LinkedIn profile .

By doing so, you’ll have a better chance of catching the eye of any recruiter. So consider highlighting your recommendations for finding a job on LinkedIn .

Put yourself in the shoes of recruiters to find a job on LinkedIn

If you want to find a job on LinkedIn , you have to think like a recruiter. So remember to take a step back when highlighting your profile. Ask yourself what a recruiter would like to see displayed on a candidate’s profile. Try to understand what might jump out at recruiters.

By doing so, you will have the opportunity to better work on your image. You will be able to change certain aspects of your profile and highlight others. You will also understand that it is not essential to be self-centered to enhance your profile. Highlighting the actions of others shows your altruistic side. A quality that recruiters like!

Find a job with LinkedIn: consult the job offers

Over the years, recruiters have learned to use the professional social networks available to them. From now on, it is quite possible to find a job with LinkedIn thanks to the advertisements of the recruiters. No more classic job search sites!

Turn to new recruiting methods. Know that thousands of job offers are posted on the platform. Just check out the “career” section to find jobs on LinkedIn . You can then submit your application to apply for the offer you like.

Post an ad to find a job on LinkedIn

Feel free to post an ad to find a job on LinkedIn . It is a very aggressive method but highly valued by recruiters.

So remember to highlight your desire to find a job through an advertisement. Specify in your advertisement the position targeted or more broadly the professional field desired. Also talk about your availability and, why not, where you want to practice.

Doing so will increase your chances of finding a job on LinkedIn . Also ask your contacts to share your ad en masse to increase your chances!

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