Finding a job when you are disabled:-Top 6 etop jobs tips

Finding a job when you are disabled is not an easy task. etop jobs offers you to follow these few tips if you want to find a job despite your disability.

There are many ways to find a job when you are disabled. Indeed, the first thing to do is never to be discouraged. Never let yourself be told that your situation does not allow you to find a job. Now, many professional opportunities are open to people with disabilities .

Know that legally, a company of a certain size must have a representative percentage of employees with disabilities . Indeed, there is a ratio imposed by the state on companies to promote the employment of disabled people .

Finding a job when you are disabled also goes through specialized structures. Do not hesitate to turn to these different structures that will help you in your professional career.

Get recognized as a disabled worker (RQTH)

Finding a job when you are disabled is never an easy task. This is why it is important to always start by being recognized as such. Indeed, being recognized as a disabled worker will allow you to benefit from certain advantages.

Thanks to this title, you will have the possibility of finding a job, but also of keeping it once hired. This is called the RQTH : recognition of the status of disabled worker . This recognition as a disabled worker is valid for 10 years, or even for life.

Thanks to this RQTH , you will have the possibility of benefiting from measures specially dedicated to the professional integration of the disabled. You will also be able to benefit from specialized support in job search, access to the public service by competitive examination, etc.

The process of recognizing a disabled worker is simple, but differs in certain cases. Indeed, a particular procedure is undertaken if you make a request to receive the allowance for disabled adults ( AAH ).

To find a job when you are disabled, you have to go through specialized placement organizations (OPS).

There are different ways to ask for help finding a job when you have a disability . Indeed, you probably already know this, but entities such as Pôle Emploi or local missions work for the integration of disabled people into the job market.

You can also turn to the CAP emploi , offering a service reserved for disabled job seekers. These are specialized placement organizations OPS) and are in charge of a public service mission. The OPS make it possible to prepare, support, monitor and maintain the employment of people with disabilities .

Do not hesitate to call on these different organizations. To find a job when you are disabled , it is always important to be well accompanied. Many entities are available to you so take advantage of them!

Get closer to specialized recruitment firms to find a job when you are disabled

In order to find a job as a disabled person , you have the possibility of turning to specialized recruitment firms. Indeed, in France, there are many firms specializing in the professional integration of people with disabilities .

These various recruitment firms are directly linked to recruiters open to hiring people with disabilities. These cabinets will allow you to save incredible time and energy.

Do not hesitate to turn to the following sites: DéfiRH, Handicap-job, RQTH Recrutement, etc. Submit your application using a CV and let yourself be guided by the search and recruitment process.

Think about work-study to find a job as a disabled person

Nowadays, the hiring of people with disabilities continues to progress. Although there is still a long way to go, many companies are no longer hesitant to implement quota systems, going beyond those imposed by law. Indeed, the law now requires companies with at least 20 employees to hire people with disabilities “in a proportion of 6% of the total workforce”.

This is why, in order to facilitate the hiring of disabled workers , solutions such as alternation are now put forward. Alternating apprenticeship contracts quite simply allow people with disabilities to access training of their choice, regardless of their age. It’s just a great opportunity for them. Indeed, it allows people with disabilities to train in different areas throughout their lives.

What job when you have a disability?

The answer to this question is simple: it all depends on the degree of disability. Indeed, to find a job when one is disabled , it is necessary to assess the degree of the disability. Depending on this, access to certain professions will be more or less feasible.

Note that the law does not prohibit any job for people with disabilities . It just depends on the company you are applying to. Indeed, some companies will find it difficult to hire people with disabilities who reach their cognitive capacity, when the job offered absolutely requires them.

But no need to give up! Many companies are now working to employ disabled workers . Unsuspected sectors are now opening their doors to people with disabilities. Do not hesitate to try your luck, whatever the field.

Financial support for people with disabilities seeking employment

There are two key organizations providing financial support to people with disabilities : Agefiph and FIPHFP.

Agefiph is the fund management association for the integration of disabled people. This association aims to “promote the integration, maintenance and professional development of disabled people in private sector companies”. Agefiph provides services as well as financial assistance to all people recognized as being disabled.

The FIPHFP is the fund for the integration of people with disabilities into the public service. Its mission is quite simply “to promote the integration and continued employment of disabled workers in the three aspects of the public service (territorial, hospital, State)”.

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