How to recover from a layoff to find a job again

dismissal is always a jug of cold water for the one who suffers it. Self-esteem can be affected, and returning to the labor market (especially if we have been out of it for a long time) is an arduous task that requires constant effort. Sometimes, we do not understand why they do not want us or what we have done wrong to precipitate our departure from the company, and in these cases a clear explanation is essential to avoid making the same mistakes in the future.

Other times, simply, ‘it is what it touches’. The coronavirus crisis has raised unemployment in Spain, and according to data from S&P , until 2022 the unemployment rate will be above 16%. In moments of maximum uncertainty such as those we have had to live through, it is normal to feel apprehension or anxiety about the future, and if unfortunately you find yourself in the group of people who have lost their job from one day to the next, although in the first moments it is difficult to cheer up, there is always a series of tips that you can follow to avoid sinking and also get your career back on track. 

Because sometimes we find ourselves anchored or frustrated with a job and we don’t even realize it, carried away by inertia. Not surprisingly, in 2019, the WHO recognized the ‘burnout’ syndrome ( burnt worker syndrome ) as a problem associated with employment, and this is also the second most frequent occupational health problem in Europe: exhaustion, lack of energy or mental distancing are some of its symptoms. For this reason, if you think that your chances of finding a job are slim, keep in mind that being laid off could translate into a unique opportunity to find a new professional challenge, reevaluate your career and even consider a change in your career path.

Tips for your self esteem

During one of his interview Alexandra Arranz, psychologist and associate director of Walters People , so that she can mark some fundamental points for us when facing a dismissal, so that it is less traumatic and can even be used for the future. 

QUESTION. When facing a layoff, what steps must be followed to recompose mentally as soon as possible? What should be avoided?

RESPONSE. First of all, do not blame yourself, there are many reasons that can lead us to this situation, currently the economy is not supporting us and cuts are the order of the day. Take a few days off and not get carried away by opinions. These situations are likely for everyone around us to have an opinion, and although it will almost always be with the best of intentions, an excess of ‘in-puts’ can block us and not help us move forward. After those days of rest, we can analyze what happened, make decisions, if necessary, and analyze the points of improvement for successive labor relations. Once all this is done, we are ready to face a new stage in our lives. 

Q. Is it inevitable that self-esteem is affected at this time?

R. We all have an ego to manage and, by excess or defect, we will always be affected. Most will come out of the trance unscathed, but some of us will need to raise our hands and ask for some extra help to manage the process. At this point, let’s see it as a starting point and an opportunity to improve, to continue evolving. 

Did our work make us happy? If the answer is “no” or “not at all” we can take another step in the search for our ideal situation

Q. How to propose going back to work as soon as possible?

R. The return to work must be considered when it is time, first of all, ask yourself, and ask yourself, how we want our new stage to be, with the limits, which always mean that our personal and professional growth go hand in hand with the need to generate a salary that covers our expenses. When the situation allows it, we will stop and analyze if we liked what we had, was it in line with our interests, did it make us happy? If the answer is no or not at all, let’s try to approach positions, being objective, realistic, so as not to get frustrated, but always taking one more step to achieve our ideal situation.

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