Make a good Curriculum Vitae CV : our 10 tips and tricks!

etopjobs does not only offer available jobs. Indeed, we also offer some help you to create and personalize your CV or curriculum Vitae. Have you applied for many job offers and none have materialized? Your curriculum Vitae or CV is surely the reason for the problem!

You are probably already aware that a recruiter does not spend more than 30 seconds reading your CV . In other words, it is little compared to the time spent writing it. This is why making a good CV is an obligation if you want to catch the eye of recruiters. Indeed, the first impression is always revealing of the sequence of events. A Curriculum Vitae that catches the eye of recruiters will captivate them and hold their attention beyond 30 seconds. In this specific case, your percentage chance of being selected is multiplied immediately!

It is important to consider your CV as a real business card for recruiters. Indeed, your CV is revealing of your personality but also of your abilities. The Curriculum Vitae is generally the first contact established with a recruiter. This is why it is necessary to make a good CV if you want to make a good impression. Thus, you will have a chance to have access to the front door of the recruitment process!

Find out what are the best tips and tricks to follow if you want to make a good CV .

A good CV is written on a single page

In general, to make a good CV , it must be written on a single page. Indeed, this writing method allows recruiters to have a clear view of all the information on your CV . In addition, having a Curriculum Vitae written on one page will force you to be concise and precise on the details of each of the sections.

However, this rule may change in certain cases. Indeed, if you have many professional experiences, then a CV on two pages may be accepted. In addition, if you are applying in a particular professional field, asking for specific details on each of the training courses you have received, then a two-page CV will also be tolerated.

Highlight your skills and experience to make a good CV

As you will have understood, a Curriculum Vitae is a bit like your business card. In other words, it is within paper that you must sell your skills and abilities as much as possible. It is very important to highlight your qualities and experiences in your CV . Indeed, this allows the recruiter to immediately target the type of candidate he is dealing with.

Regarding professional experience, in order to make a good CV , favor your recent or longest experience. Indeed, this type of experience will be more representative for the recruiter. This tip is all the more important if you want to practice in a constantly evolving field. Indeed, the processes evolve in certain areas and no longer become viable after a few years. So remember to highlight your most recent experiences as possible.

Also, regarding professional skills, keep in mind that a recruiter will not spend more than 30 seconds on your CV . Therefore, it is necessary for you to be concise in writing your skills, but also to be relevant. Indeed, try to stick as best as possible to the type of position for which you are applying. Make it easier for the recruiter to read!

Go anti-chronological to make a good resume

It’s a simple but clever trick. Indeed, when it comes to listing professional experiences, it is important to start with the most recent experience. This way of designing your CV will allow recruiters to have a much more precise and up-to-date idea of ​​your professional experience. Indeed, if you start by talking about your professional experience dating from several years ago, this will not be of any real use in the eyes of the recruiter. However, if you have relevant professional experience with the position sought and these date from several years ago, do not hesitate to include them in your Curriculum Vitae .

Give your CV a theme to differentiate yourself from other candidates

In order to differentiate yourself from other candidates applying for the same job offer as you, it is important to give your CV a theme . Whether it’s the content or the design of your CV , don’t hesitate to add your little touch, representative of your personality.

Having an original and totally personalized CV will make it easier to hold the attention of recruiters. In terms of originality, many techniques exist and can be integrated into your Curriculum Vitae . Indeed, if you benefit from professional social networks, consider integrating them into your CV . In addition, for people applying in artistic fields, do not hesitate to integrate, for example, a QR code leading to a promotional video. A great idea that will make the difference!

To make a good Curriculum Vitae, do not cheat!

Unfortunately this is a very common practice in the job search world. Indeed, lying in your CV is quite possible. However, this does not always work, because you often end up caught up in your own lies! It is important to bear in mind that possibly every detail of your Curriculum Vitae will be discussed with recruiters. They will therefore be able to ask you many questions relating to the different experiences or abilities mentioned in your CV . It is at this precise moment, if you are not a seasoned liar/se, that your lies will catch up with you!
So, avoid inflating your CV to differentiate yourself from other candidates. This will have no interest for you, on the contrary. Instead, try to highlight the real skills and experiences you have, rather than lying unnecessarily. You’ll look ridiculous if a recruiter points out your lies on the day of your job interview .

Take a step back to make a good CV

In order to make a CV worthy of the name, try to put yourself in the shoes of the recruiter. Indeed, it is the best solution to stay in line with the offer to which you are responding. Thanks to this way of doing things, you will have the possibility of always remaining relevant and thus you will avoid scattering yourself in your Curriculum Vitae . So think after each section written, to take stock of it. Ask yourself if the added information is relevant and useful. If not, erase and start over!

Making a good CV rhymes with areas of interest!

The general belief is that the interests section of a resume is the least important of all. Well, at Free Online Resume , we believe that the “interests” section can become as important as the others. Indeed, for example, this section can be a real plus for areas related to sport or the arts.

If you apply for a job as a stylist , a recruiter will be delighted to know that you regularly follow all the news related to the fashion world. This is a constantly evolving area that requires daily attention. A candidate very involved in this field and being on the lookout for the slightest progress, will immediately make the difference!

So depending on your field, don’t miss a section that could help you make a difference. It is with all these little details that your Curriculum Vitae will jump out at any recruiter.

To make a good CV, you have to proofread carefully!

The mistake not to make is this one! Indeed, proofreading is all too often neglected by job candidates. Although this is “boat” advice, it is still extremely important! This is surely the element that can tip your profile to the trash.

Recruiters are very attentive especially to spelling mistakes. So don’t hesitate to read again and again! Spelling mistakes are often errors described as “unforgivable” by recruiters. You can have all the experience and skills in the world, if you can’t write, it’s NO!

Find our article below, to help you avoid the most common spelling mistakes on a Curriculum Vitae :

Ask those around you for advice on making a good Curriculum Vitae

This is a solution that could help you if you want to write the perfect resume . Indeed do not hesitate, once your CV is finished, to share it with those around you. They will be able to give you an outside opinion on your achievement. It is true that by staying focused on your work, you sometimes miss out on certain elements that deserve correction.

So share your resume with your family, friends or even classmates and ask them what they think. Ask them to be as honest as possible so that you can later improve your Curriculum Vitae .

Consider translating your CV to make a difference

Anticipation! This is the watchword to remember when applying for many job offers. Indeed, if you are a 2.0 job seeker, you must surely have a professional social network (eg a Linkedin account). Some recruiters, looking for new staff, do not hesitate to contact the profiles directly on these same networks.

Sometimes depending on the profile of the candidate, the recruiters in question request the transmission of the CV translated into English (usually). A little time-consuming when your CV is already ready, in French! However, if the same recruiter duplicates the request on a large number of candidates, you may fall by the wayside. So anticipate and consider translating your CV into English and why not into Spanish!

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