Student jobs on a CV: Top 6 ways how to value them?

Student jobs on a CV are often missing from resumes, although they are useful in some cases. So here we offers you to discover how to value student jobs on a CV !

When it comes to writing your CV , whether for the first time or not, student jobs often go by the wayside. Indeed, very little considered by job seekers, student jobs are too often described as “useless”. However, think again! Student jobs can, in some cases, play a role in the choice of the candidate to be recruited.

Student jobs on a CV simply reveal part of your personality. Indeed, although they are only very rarely related to your professional field, student jobs have a real utility. These jobs simply allow you to develop certain skills which, subsequently, can be used in your future job.

This is why it is important not to neglect student jobs on a CV . On the contrary, it is necessary to value them and all the more to put them forward when you have no professional experience.

Student jobs on a CV as a starting point in professional life

Many young graduates looking for a job often have difficulty integrating their student jobs on a CV . Indeed, these jobs are too often qualified as impertinent or as “stopgap” within a curriculum vitae.

However, this is fortunately not the case. Student jobs are quite simply the starting point of an individual’s professional life. It is indeed thanks to these different jobs that a student learns the values ​​and the cost of living.

It is notably thanks to his small jobs that a student will develop different skills and professional knowledge. In addition, these are the different codes and values ​​that a potential future employer will wish to detect in a candidate.

In other words, it is important not to neglect student jobs on a CV . These are the guarantee of learning the skills, values ​​and codes specific to the world of work.

Our advice for highlighting your various student jobs on a CV

Highlight on your CV the skills acquired through student jobs

The student jobs on a CV are indicative of a candidate’s motivation for a job offer. Indeed, as we stated earlier, it is important to be proud of the jobs you have achieved throughout your studies. These different jobs can only have a positive impact on recruiters. By displaying your different student jobs on a CV , you will demonstrate to recruiters your ability to manage several things at the same time.

Indeed, it requires a lot of courage and determination. You not only have to juggle between the different obligations related to your studies, while keeping a professional attitude within your student job . So do not hesitate to highlight the lessons learned through your various student jobs . These will have necessarily taught you some things in life. Here are some examples:

  • Being polychrone/Multi-tasking (Ability to do several things at the same time. Here, your studies as well as your student job)
  • Become responsible (Assume academic and professional responsibilities at the same time)
  • Stress management (Being able to stay calm, even when overworked)
  • Adaptation/Sociability (Discovering a new environment, a new process, etc., and adapting to it fully)
  • Autonomy (Knowing how to work alone when the manager or boss is not available, while managing their life and school deadlines)

Before adding your student jobs to a CV, make a selection

Before moving on to writing your CV , start by sorting through your student jobs . Indeed, when adding student jobs to a CV , it is important that these different experiences appear to be consistent with the offer for which you are applying.

To carry out a logical sorting, remember to detail all the skills acquired within your student jobs . Then do the same with the job posting to which you are applying. Finally, compare the skills with each other and thus select the student jobs to add to your CV.

For example, if one of your student jobs was that of a salesman , then the skills that come with it are similar to those of a salesman or a sales representative . In other words, during your experience as a salesperson, you have developed skills that are essential to these professions. This student job must therefore be highly valued in your CV.

Select long and significant experiences when you want to add student jobs to a CV

When selecting student jobs that you want to add to your CV, remember to favor long-term experiences. Indeed, these different experiences will prove to recruiters your determination. This will also reflect a serious and professional image on your part.

By clearly displaying these student jobs on a CV , you will be likely to reassure recruiters. Because indeed, the latter will then understand that all the processes, as well as the skills related to this student job have been strongly acquired. In other words, a long professional experience is the assurance for a recruiter that a student has been perfectly trained in a certain field.

Highlight the tasks carried out during your various student jobs

Student jobs on a CV should serve to enhance your professional profile. In other words, it is important to display only the relevant experiences and in relation to the offer to which you are applying. Once this step has been completed, remember to detail each of your student jobs .

However, the whole nuance is here. Indeed, when it comes to detailing a professional experience, only the best part should be drawn from it. Also, try to make the most of the important tasks that were given to you during your student jobs .

To promote student jobs on a CV , it is useless and counterproductive to talk about uninteresting missions. For example, it is not relevant to detail under your student job that you were “in charge of emptying then taking out the trash cans”. This information is not necessary and will have no impact on recruiters.

To highlight your student jobs on a CV, talk in numbers!

During your various experiences of small student jobs , you have surely touched on many areas. Some will certainly be more meaningful than others, given the position to which you aspire. In other words, it is possible that some of your student jobs have enabled you to achieve important goals.

It is strongly recommended to highlight these different data in your CV. You can simply dedicate a line to it in the detail of each of your experiences . Do not hesitate to talk about the stages as well as the objectives achieved. Also think about talking about the different rewards you may have obtained during your experiences.

All this data will simply allow recruiters to see a certain quality in you. Indeed, when a recruiter notices the mention of student jobs on a CV , he expects something basic. This is why it is important to add this type of information to your CV in order to enhance it. In this way, you can be sure to stand out and thus catch the eye of any recruiter.

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