What is the best job you can have if you become a civil engineer?

Do you think that a civil engineer can only work in the design, construction and maintenance of infrastructure works? You’re wrong, his field of action is very wide. Meet him!

Civil Engineering is one of the best paid professions today and, for centuries, it has been one of the jobs that has most influenced the development and evolution of human beings.

To make it clear how much a civil engineer can earn in Mexico, their average salary is $15,000 pesos per month, but there are cases in which they can charge up to $ 60,000 per month for their services.

The civil engineer , by his nature, has particular skills that make him one of the most prepared and efficient professionals in the entire scientific labor universe . Some of those skills are:

  • Feel a great passion for areas of science such as: physics, mathematics, construction materials and design of buildings or structures.
  • Be analytical and observant.
  • Have a broad vocation for the study of science in general.
  • Have the ability to develop manual projects.
  • Have numerical reasoning and data abstraction skills.
  • Be creative and innovative in the development of projects.
  • Have the ability to think in a schematic and orderly manner, which allows you to draw up plans.
  • Being able to solve complex problems in the most practical ways.
  • Be efficient in coordinating work teams with professionals from different areas.

In its concept, Civil Engineering is an area of ​​engineering that focuses on the design, construction and maintenance of civil works that surround people’s environment , whether in rural or urban contexts. Therefore, a civil engineer can work in many spaces . In fact, these opportunities go beyond the design, construction and maintenance of infrastructure works.

If you want to know what is the best job you can have if you become a civil engineer, be sure to read this article.

Construction manager

Civil engineers who develop as construction managers are responsible for managing construction and infrastructure projects .

The difference with other jobs, such as construction managers or supervisors, is that these engineers not only concentrate on the construction work itself, but are also responsible for the selection and purchase of materials and also for approving all hiring of personnel. .

They are generally very well-paid jobs, because the construction industry is one of the most millionaire in the world. Their work really has to do with everything related to the work, so they must be professionals who are very attentive to details.

Project manager

These engineers are only in charge of coordinating the construction and maintenance of the works that are requested . They are not usually in charge of the design, but are civil engineers specialized in carrying out the work on the ground.

They do not deal with personnel directly, nor are they in charge of supervising the selection and purchase of materials, but rather they focus on the work, plan what must be done, are in charge of thinking about how it must be done, seek to have everything is needed and, in addition, they supervise that everything is going the right way.

To be a construction manager, the civil engineer must be comfortable in construction work areas, building spaces filled with machinery, and structural maintenance areas where manual labor is performed.

service consultant

These engineers work for public bodies such as governments, ministries and urban development offices. Its use is focused on the inspection and approval of works by these organizations and its objective is to monitor and preserve that the constructions do not affect the cities or their inhabitants .

It is a very important job, because they are in charge of seeing that private and public projects do not harm society, which means that the orderly growth of cities is their responsibility.

If you see that a city is messy, the traffic routes are meaningless and in general you feel that it is not planned, it is because there was not a team of good civil engineers specialized in services that was in charge of monitoring the growth of said city. It is a much more common fact than you imagine.

Production manager

Engineers who work as production managers are responsible for quality control in industries that manufacture materials for the design, construction, and maintenance of structures . Many of these industries carry out research projects on a constant basis, because they seek to be innovative year after year in their market.

The job of these engineers is to verify that the production lines respect the quality standards and they are also in charge of approving new production projects. For example, a new cement mix that is going to come onto the market must be evaluated and approved by a team of civil engineers before being offered to the public.

His work is very well paid because it is very important. Industries prefer to pay high salaries to their production management engineers rather than lose expensive production lines due to lack of optimal quality control.

Environmental impact investigator

For several decades, civil engineers have not only been in charge of designing, building and supervising works maintenance, but they are also concerned about the fact that their works do not harm society or the environment.

Many engineers work as researchers for organizations that preserve the ecosystem , because their experience and knowledge is vital to knowing how infrastructure works can harm the planet. These engineers, in addition to meeting the profile that every civil engineer must have, must also feel a great affinity for the environment and the inhabitants of the animal world.

For example, if an environmental organization, public or private, needs to verify if a hotel complex that is going to be built on the coast of Cancun could harm the environment, in addition to environmental engineers, it will need the contribution of a civil engineer. That civil engineer will have to evaluate with what materials the hotel complex will be built, what will be the way to build it, what will be the construction method and at what depth the pillars of the building will be installed. All these factors have an effect on the ecosystem, because constructions are foreign objects for the fauna and flora of each place where they are built.

As you can see, it is very difficult to choose a single job as the best one you can have if you become a civil engineer, but the truth is that you have many options to be successful if you decide to study this exciting university career.

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